USA Escrow Fund

and Partners

Investments | Escrow Services | Project Management | Real Estate

We are an American Corporation with a background in business finance, project management, real estate investments, real estate property management and escrow services.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise will assist in finding the right funding for your projects.

We have grown mainly by referrals and recommendations and now undertake work globally.

With an internationally diversified client base and comprehensive products, via banks and financial institutions, we are continually in search for greater value for our clients, offering competitive rates and variable terms to suit your businesses needs, based upon a suitable bank instrument.

We are looking for businesses with a long-range commitment and focus dedicated to overcome current market obstacles. Our goal is to partner with and create successful companies. We have the capability to assist companies on a multitude of levels from

 $10,000,000.00 and up.

Through our Partners - private investment funds and Banks, we have the capacity to assist clients raise finance for their businesses.

Up to 99% financing is available. Funding can be used for project startups and the expansion of collateralize projects such as those that are real estate, energy, industrial funding, or any other sectors that need funding.

Since each investment and business opportunity is unique, the terms and conditions may differ depending on the asset, the size, and risk of the project.